Free Domain Names?

When choosing a domain name, there are so many things to think about. Do I need a dot com or is a dot net address OK? Do I go with a paid domain or settle a for a free one? Whether or not to pay for a domain name is ultimately up to you. It is important to know, however, that you do not have to pay for a domain name, if it is not necessary for your situation. Some reasons to go with a free domain name:

– You are just forwarding a URL, so the name is easier to remember
– You do not plan to sell the site in the future
– You do not need massive amounts of storage or e-mail addresses
– You do not know if you are ready to spend money on your site

Even if you have a free domain name, you can easily use the site for AdWords, for example. You can put the site on your business card or link it to other sites. What you cannot do is use the link for spamming or illegal content. In such an event, the free domain will be closed. The options are endless, although limited, if it is not what you are looking to do. If you pay for your domain name, you can actually run your own domain name system (DNS) and you can generate sub domains. Most importantly, you will have full license rights to the domain.

Having a domain name does not include creation of your page, just its name. Domain names do not always provide web hosting, either. Do proper research before spending money on domains, web hosting, or web creation, so you do not overpay for any such services.