Game Creation Software – Make Your Own Games

Game creation software is software which is used to develop games by various developers. The developer might be a single person or a team and the time for developing might take from several days to years. The first game was developed in 1960 with the help of mainframe computers. But now as the consumer expectations has been increased with higher processor it is impossible for a single person to develop a game by himself.

Let us take a look at the various steps in the creation of games with game creation software.

Two types of producers are required for a game that is to be to be produced. They are known as internal producer and external producer. The one which takes care of the development team and hires team members with responsibilities such as event management etc. is known as internal producer.

External producer is the one who is responsible for the production of the game that has been developed.

Development team
As I have mentioned earlier the developer can be a single person or a team. Generally in almost all the cases the developer is a group of teams that are subdivided into many small categories usually playing multiple roles. Two different teams cannot handle the same task while a single person might handle two or more different tasks.

A designer is more important than the development team as he is responsible for creating the structure of the game. A designer is expected to write the story line of the game which is then taken over by the development team.

An artist is no less important than the above two. He is the one who creates the visual effects of a game right from the background terrain to the minor visual elements of the game. This is generally looked over by an art director who sees to it that the quality of the visual effects is maintained and is as per the norms and terms.

Software engineers are the programmers in the creation of games. They are generally the one that create various codes for the games. Roles of a programmer include:
Physics- Programming of the simulation and various movements of objects and characters
Al- Creating a program that revolves around rule based decisions
Graphic- Responsible for creating the graphic in the game
Sound – Speech and various sounds in the game
Scripting – To write a high quality script for command
UI- Producing high quality of user interface so that the game is liked by all.
Network communications- Managing the input and output data flow of the game for LAN connections
Game tools- Producing tools for the development of games i.e. to assist the designers and developers

As soon as the game is playable a group of gamers start playing the game and provide a review which is essential in marketing the game.
So after seeing the above process I do not think that game creation will be much of a hard task when accompanied with game creation software.