Gizmodo iPhone 4G Fail

Gizmodo Iphone 3G not 4G

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So here we have an ad on Gizmodo playing off the stereotypical college graduate who has an extremely refined taste in beer and is also aimed at their fathers who are looking to buy them something shiny, new, and expensive. While the pitch is hilarious in itself, what really got me was this sentence and the picture chosen to accompany the ad.

“No one can be sure what the fourth generation iPhone will look like (oops! actually, we can)…”

Oops, actually, you can’t Gizmodo. That’s because you’re using an outdated picture of the iPhone 3G instead of the iPhone 4G you are advertising. If I paid $10,000 for that iPhone, I would make pretty darn sure that I was using the correct picture for it.

You can see the original advertisment on Gizmodo’s Grads & Dads Gift Guide by clicking on the photo of the iPhone.