Google Applications

Google is the head of family of search engines. Google offers many applications for users so that users can grow their business to higher levels. Google applications include Gmail, Google doc, igoogle, and other Google sites that offer help for different business owners to increase website traffic to their site.

Google is everywhere. Google applications are the web packages provided by Google to all types of users. You can improve website traffic to your site using these applications. Some Google applications are developed for users, such as Gmail, iGoogle and Google Docs and Google have developed some applications for business owners so that they can improve the quality of web traffic to their sites. Many of the business owners buy website traffic but now using these Google applications, you can get free increase website traffic to your website.

Some of the Google applications that increase website traffic to your website are:

Gmail: this is and application provided by Google for all types of users.

Students, business owners, and even a normal user can use this Gmail accounts to send and receive emails. You can also chat online with your friends or business owners. Today, Google has included another thing known as video chat in Gmail which allows you to do video chat with your friends with an awesome clarity.

You can send mails to many users and increase website traffic to your site. Business owners can use it to get website traffic to their site.

Google notebook: this is an applications offered for students who want to write notes and save notes online.

Google Doc: Google doc allows different business owners to create pages online and they can work on there documents from everywhere. You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations to get website traffic to your site. It is freely available online and you can create presentations of your products and services that your company offers and increase website traffic to your sites by adding links to your pages. It can help you in doing more effective online internet marketing of your product.

Google ad sense tool: it is an advertising tool for all kind of websites. You can submit article to article site such as “articlesbiz.com” that can increase website traffic to your site. Then people will visit your article and get impressed by your article. The, he reads your information and visits your site. You can get huge blog traffic to your site by submitting articles and blogs to these sites.

Google analytics: this tool displays all the statistics related to famous keywords. It is very helpful for the business owner to increase website traffic to their site. It helps you to use proper and famous keywords n your site. It can help you in taking your website at the top of Google search engine ranking. It also tracks the information of visitors visiting the websites. It is very effective in doing ppc email marketing of your product. It tells you how you can increase website traffic to your site.