Google Web Hosting No More

If you carry out a search for Google Web Hosting you will realize that Google Page Creator is not accepting any new sign-ups. Instead, focus is now more on Google Sites, which has many of the Page Creator options. Newer features such as site level headers, site level navigation are available. You also have the choice of who edits and who sees your site.

If you do have a Page Creator account you can continue with it until such time when Google Sites will take over and your web pages will be shifted to it. You may also manually shift you pages to another service provider or to Google Sites at any time.

If you want to use Google Web Hosting – go to sites.google.com and sign in with your Gmail account. All you do is give your site a name it will end up looking like sites.google.com/site/your site name. Then you enter a short description about your site, choose whether you want it to be private or public. Next choose your template, type in the Capcha code and walla you have your website created.

With the new Google Web Hosting you can also use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Storage on your site is up to 100MB. If you happen to be using Google Apps, the storage quota for your website is then maintained at domain level and each domain that you have will receive 10Gb of Storage. Bandwidth is unlimited.

Another good thing with Google Web Hosting is that unlike other free hosting sites they do not put advertisements on your site. Some disadvantages though, it does not support PHP, it has no cPanel and no databases.

Google Web Hosting is free of charge and therefore has its limitations. Sometimes it may not be a good idea to go with free hosting if you are serious about a website for business.