Homatics to bring the first Tuned by THX speakers to the pay-TV market

SEI Robotics, one of Google and Netflix’s Tier 1 Android TV ODM Partners and the key OEM partner of Homatics providing hardware development and integration, and THX have announced a strategic partnership to bring high-quality audio products to Pay-TV customers.

These Homatics audio products, expected to launch this spring, will be “Tuned” by THX and will complement the traditional set-top-box hardware, providing Pay-TV subscribers with a flexible option to upgrade their living room entertainment experience.

“Tuned” by THX provides corrective EQ and dynamics parameters for the best listening experience at all volume levels, for the best right-out-of-the-box fidelity for enjoying music, movies, games, sporting events and more.


Homatics to bring the first Tuned by THX speakers to the pay-TV market

This includes per-channel transducer compensation to align the overall acoustic performance to best match the target THX audio frequency response curve. It also addresses issues that arise with variability that occurs among different speaker drivers and components, and ensures quality regardless of volume, thus optimizing the performance of the device.

“Through this partnership with THX, we are excited to help Pay-TV operators deliver products that provide higher quality entertainment closer to a cinematic experience” said James Wen, co-founder, Homatics. “We selected THX as our audio partner because of their long legacy and excellent track record with delivering cutting-edge solutions for home entertainment devices.”

“Bringing the artists’ true vision to consumers of entertainment remains our core mission, as it has been for the past forty years since we launched THX Certified cinemas worldwide,” said Jason Fiber, chief executive officer of THX. “Homatics and SEI Robotics are driving development of leading-edge content delivery systems to homes through Pay-TV operators worldwide, and we are pleased to be aligned on this mission. We are proud to partner with Homatics to deliver the first such “Tuned” by THX Pay-TV audio device to market.”


The Tuned by THX Homatics speaker systems are expected to be available for distribution in the Pay-TV cable and satellite TV operators’ markets as early as spring 2023. The companies are also expected to market related products in the retail channel later in the year.