How To Call Actual Phone Numbers From Skype With No Credit

How to Build Credit - The Easier and Faster Way

The question as to how to build credit is paramount for people who have no credit. Just as a side note, building credit is not the same as rebuilding or restoring credit.

Well, building credit means that you have never obtained any form of reportable credit or loan.

If you still find it difficult to get a finance credit card you may want to consider a secured credit card.

Secured cards are issued based upon a deposit you make as the credit limit. It may sound strange to some to pay $500 to get a limit for a $500 credit card, but a secured card can be a major positive impact on your credit report.

When applying for a secured credit card, keep two things in mind: that the card will still report your credit limit and, depending on the creditor, the card might not show up as a secured on your credit report.

It is essential the issuing company reports your credit limit. If your credit card company reports your card as being a secured card, this will impact negatively on your overall score.

But what if you have no credit left or never added credit? You can still make calls from Skype with $0 credit.

  • Fire up Skype.
  • Go to and enter your Skype username


For example, Skype charges:

Russia mobile from Skype: $0.071

Kazakhstan from Skype: $0.175

Spain mobile via Skype-callback: $0.091

Canada via Skype-callback: $0.005

Latvia via Skype-callback: $0.027

Kazakhstan via Skype-callback: $0.008