How to Decide Between Laptops and Notebooks

If you have decide it is time to up grade your old laptop, or if you have decided that the desktop PC has served its purpose but now you really need the space then you may be looking into the range of new laptops that are on offer and maybe wondering what these notebooks are also, they weren’t there last time you looked, and a notebook is paper bound with a spiral spring isn’t it? Laptops and notebooks can become a bit of a confusing area, but don’t despair!

Well, gone are the days of notebooks just meaning paper you can write on, now we have laptops and notebooks on offer, all professing to do all the things computer related, desktops are fast becoming old technology, so it is natural that you may have many questions to be answered, especially with the massive range of prices on offer, so how do you know what to choose to make sure you get the best deal and the most use from your device, most importantly how do you make sure you spend your money wisely.

Laptops and notebooks are similar, however the laptop is considered device that is more closely able to replicate all the features of a desk top, and fit with the term ‘desk top replacement’, this means that they have more powerful processors, more memory and tend to be a minimum of 14 inch screens. This makes them heavier units, although they are still light enough to be portable, and can potentially get hotter than a notebook when resting on your lap.

Where as the notebook is considered to be the more portable device, lighter and available in smaller units, this may mean having to sacrifice some of the processor speed and memory, but as you wont be looking to it to do all the jobs that a desktop based PC does, in face you may choose to keep your desktop and transfer files to it for storage to keep the notebook running at optimum speeds, and just have the bits you are actually working on stored on the notebook itself.

Have laptops and notebooks seems to be a more family friendly thing to do also, as this means you are no longer spending hours shut away in the study, or squashed in under the stairs whilst you get the work done, or sort the Christmas present shopping online, but are free to sit on the sofa or dining room table and still interact with the family as you type.

The laptop and notebook culture is also ideal for students or those who travel a lot, as they are portable and fairly lightweight, and as well as being a work machine you can use them to play DVD’s or games, especially if you have the smaller notebook style, which can relieve the boredom of long journeys and save on pay per view films in hotel rooms, simply take a stack of your favourite films along with you, plus many hotels offer internet access as standard, meaning you can get online and surf the net or chat to friends and family to help pass the time instead.

Low end laptops and notebooks are definitely worth considering if that is all you can afford, as they will do a good job, however if you can afford to spend a bit more, choose a good brand first then look at things like processor speed and memory as these are key to a machine that runs well, after all there is nothing worse than having to sit watching the egg timer for ages every time you try and do something, save a document, or reload a web page for example.