How To Negotiate Credit Card Debt Settlement Without having Hurting Your Credit Score

Here are a few tips for coping with your credit card debt.

First, cut up your credit cards and don’t use them again until you’ve regained control of your situation!

If you’re already in deep, contact your creditors.

Credit Card Debt: Coping Tips

Working with a debt relief agency to negotiate credit card debt settlement can be intimidating for uneducated consumers.

Most credit card companies are simply unwilling to negotiate directly with the consumer to achieve a more favorable and affordable repayment plan.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Consolidation” website — — pointed out;

“…If you are considering negotiating for settlement or repayment, then you are probably afraid that your credit score will suffer as a result of any agreement you might make. If you file bankruptcy as an alternative, they receive nothing in many cases.

“…Contact a debt settlement agency, and ask them if they have experience working with any of your specific creditors.