IP Security Camera: Advantage of IP security camera against analog security camera

Advantages of IP security camera:

1) IP security camera use less equipment,

2) IP security camera use less excessive wiring,

3) Therefore IP security camera is very convenient to install and maintain,

4) So IP security camera provide less cost to install and maintain,

5) IP security camera use less power due to using Ethernet so therefore less energy consuming,

6) So it will provide less long term running cost although IP security camera may cost higher during early purchase compare to analog,

7) In term of specification IP security camera is more versatile and provides more features.

8) IP security camera usually give a higher resolution image that mean clear images as seen in PC compare to analog camera.

9) With IP security camera you shall get more advance feature that you can choose from. Such as:

a) Day/night cameras,

b) Motion sensors,

c) Removable infrared filters for sharper colors by day and clear black-and-white footage by night.

d) Encrypted signals allow for secure communication,

e) IP security camera also can also directly be control the zoom and tilt capabilities,

f) Monitor alarms,

g) IP security camera also can provide 2 ways of communication (not only watching),

h) There is a program can be use to activate lights or locks if someone triggers those alarms,

i) It also has software that you can use to program the IP security camera to operate as what you need such as switch ON/OFF timer and what information you need to send to you or anybody else.

For your information if you already have an analog camera, you can switch them to IP security camera system. You can convert the signal to digital using a network video server.

In conclusion IP security camera will play an important role to us for a better security system. All you need is the most cost effective and most efficient system in the long run.

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