iPhone application development and outsourcing

The complete potential of iPhone, the multimedia gadget, can be utilized by developing ingenious applications for it. The launch of the SDK (software development kit) by Apple in 2008 boosted iPhone application developer worldwide to come up with unique and customized applications for iPhone users.

The SDK, also known as the ‘tool chain’ includes:

Xcode: It is the integrated development environment (IDE), wherein iPhone applications are developed. It is the integral part of the iPhone application development kit and consists of a graphical debugger and a powerful source editor too. Interface builder: It helps in the designing and testing of user interfaces. The graphical editing environment of the interface builder is utilized by the iPhone application developer to design user interfaces and seamlessly integrate the applications to the 3G environment of iPhone. Instruments: The instrument retrieves data, analyzes and compares performance and displays the results graphically in real-time. It plays a pivotal role in the real-time optimization of iPhone applications.

An iPhone application developer should have a sound knowledge about using the SDK. The SDK uses the objective C language and runs only on the MAC OS X 1.5 platform (the OS of iPhone). The applications developed needs to be approved by Apple and can be distributed solely through App Store.      

iPhone website development

There are various categories catering to which, iPhone applications are developed. Many companies specialize in a particular category. For example, a company may specialize in the domain of iPhone website development. An iPhone mobile development domain includes useful web 2.0 applications designed exclusively for iPhone, like:

    Search tools. Web utilities. Social networking. Ecommerce websites. Travel, sports and entertainment and so on.

    Outsourcing of iPhone application development

    Outsource of iPhone application development has several advantages which mainly includes:

    Firstly, it is cost effective. Outsourcing of IPhone applications gets the job done in lower costs. Customized applications can be developed without much investment which was otherwise necessary for the technical manpower and training. The rigmaroles of the iPhone applications- approval by Apple, guidelines etc are taken care by the companies.