IT Contractors Expected to be in High Demand

(PRWEB UK) 4 July 2012

It has been revealed by research firm Gartner that it expects to see a surge in demand for IT contractors. Skilled individuals using recruitment agencies to find positions will see a rising need for mobile and cloud computing skills, with those who have prior experience in this market noting particularly increased demand.

For individuals in the IT industry, ensuring that mobile market and cloud computing skills are held is likely to lead to lucrative recruitment opportunities. Gartner said that it expects 5% of the world’s virtual machines to be using cloud computing by 2015, indicating that the next three years will see an enormous amount of investment in this sector. In addition, with many companies now noting extreme amounts of information, the big data era is here, meaning that IT specialist will once again be needed to collate and streamline figures.

Elsewhere, the mobile market is also seeing a huge increase in popularity and it is resulting in the need for skilled IT workers. By the close of 2012, Gartner predicts that around 31 billion apps will have been downloaded, making it vital for companies to invest in this area. This in turn will lead to the recruitment of skilled professionals to develop apps and other mobile platforms.

For those looking for work, I will be vital to make investments so that the in-demand skills are held. Those more experienced in traditional computing would do well to increase their expertise so that cloud computing can be added to their CV, maximising the opportunities available to them over the coming years.