Laser Cutting Machine by Eastern Laser is Well Received

(PRWEB) July 03, 2012

Laser cutting machine by Eastern Laser is well received globally, which sells well over 80 countries. The sales of Eastern Laser have risen over the first quarter by 25% due to the well received laser cutting machines. The laser cutting machines by Eastern Laser are featured by high quality, multifunction and easy operation. Furthermore, Eastern Laser new laser cutting machines are able to deal with flat and cylindrical surfaces of materials such as wood, plastics of various kinds, fabric, cellulosic materials, leather, fur, film, etc.

The advantages of laser cutting machines by Eastern Laser are as follows:

1. Wide range of laser cutting machines (laser engravers) offered by Eastern Laser enable the customers to choose the optimal cost, performance and size of the laser machine, based on the needs of production and availability of production space.

2. Good control of laser machine: The users can control the machine easily with a computer.

3. Laser machines are equipped with an LCD display, reflecting the ongoing performance of the machine and the processing of the material (power, speed, file selection, etc) which ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of process management and control.

4. The laser cutting machines are equipped with built-in memory that can store the files necessary for work and drawings in the database.

5. All laser cutting machines adopt LaserCut for the machine control program.

6. High precision: the accuracy of material on the cutting vector files is 0.1 mm; the precision engraving characters is 1×1 mm.

7. The machines are easy to configure and manage, and do not require long-term specialized training of the operator.

8. The desktop laser machine is equipped with a lifting mechanism that provides the ability to handle oversized materials up to 280 mm.

9. The laser machine (laser cutter, laser engraver) is equipped with a laser tube with power from 40W to 150W, depending on the model. It is possible to replace the laser tube for more / less powerful one (at the option of the Customer).

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