media database

In todays world where the competition is intense, the circumstances are already tough as it is, new competitors are arising, making life difficult for businesses, asking them to come up with fast and economical marketing strategies, which would enable them to embark on a war of advertisments, hence the implementation and counter implementation of  marketing message and public relations message needs to be done in the fastest possible manner and that too in the most economicall of ways, as continous advertisment in the orthodox ways would lead companies to bankruptcy, therefore companies need to come up with a different tool to have their marketing message distributed to the masses in the most economical of ways.

So the best solution to this dilema is that companies should incorporate making press releases into their marketing strategies.

A press release is any newsworthy statement which is written or recorded and distributed to various media professionals in a bid to gain publicity for a product, upcoming event, a company or a highprofile personality. The publicity is gained once the press release gets selected by the media journalist and he chooses to work upon the news release and writes an article which gets published in a magzine or a newspaper or it can cause the journalist to conduct an interview, or make a news package which gets aired on various channels.

For a media release to be very effective one has to make sure that he knows and has identified his target market hence this would enable him to choose the right journalists to whom he has his media release distributed to.

A person can choose a journalist by going into the media database of a news wire service provider. A media database is a collection of media professionals, containing their informatinon both general and professional.

Apart from this journalists in a media database are divided according to the area which they work in, the type of stories that they cover within a genre e.g if a reporter is a movie critique than he would be again segregated as to what sort of genre does he covers, whether horror, comedy e.t.c All this segregation helps in better organization and helps the newswire agencies as well as the author of the PR to be more specific and correct while sending out PR’s. Media Database softwares, enable a person to either focus on a few media professionals or even a specific journalist. Keeping the information provided the client can use them to apply filters, as to what class or type of journalist should the press release be sent out, making the distribution of the press release efficient.

The emergence of media database has revolutionized the process of PR distribution as it has made it far more efficient and has enabled people to send out countless PR’s to media professionals all over the world. Opening up new doors for business, providing them excess to new markets, customers, partnerships. Helping people to march on new ventures, by helping them in the process of spreading their marketing message the world over.