New Data Logger Software From MadgeTech, Inc.

Contoocook, NH (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

MadgeTech, Inc., a leading global provider of low-cost, reusable data loggers, today announced the release of the new MadgeTech Data Logger Software 4.0.

The new MadgeTech Data Logger Software 4.0 is a powerful, intuitive tool containing features that are designed to save on both time and headaches. Both management and users will find MadgeTechs new software exciting: users will love the familiar interface and numerous shortcuts, while management will appreciate the increased data security and time-saving elements. Some of the most highly-anticipated new features include:

Auto-Detection of Loggers: Saves Time, Secures Data

????Instead of users needing to know specifics, such as the baud rate or logger type, the new MadgeTech software automatically detects loggers as soon as they are plugged into the computer. With minimal user involvement, drivers are then installed, data is downloaded, and a graph of the data is, with the push of just one button, rendered on screen.

????All data is immediately saved into the database that runs in the software background, eliminating the possibility of data loss due to user error.

????Have 100 loggers? Just plug them in and get an instant overview of the whole group. No more communicating with one logger at a time!

Set it Up Once, Use it Forever

????New to this software are templates. Templates allow the user to create a copy of the settings programmed into a logger. Once setup, templates can be applied to all loggers of the same type, removing the need for users to spend time re-entering information for each logger. Additionally, templates help ensure that the correct information will be entered every time, by every user.

????Also new to the MadgeTech Data Logger Software 4.0 are memorized setups. Once the user arranges the software windows in a way he or she finds useful, that setup is memorized by the computer so that the next time the user opens the software, that exact same setup is presented. No more wasted time rearranging windows, etc.

Linked Data Saves Time and Effort

????Graphs and data grids can now be linked, allowing the user to quickly and easily modify multiple views of the same information. Make a change to the data grid and the information on the linked graph synchronizes immediately and automatically!

Multiple Data Sets Makes Mapping a Breeze!

????Mapping data has never been so easyor fast! Now data from multiple loggers can be easily combined in a single data grid by simply dragging and dropping data sets, creating a side by side comparison of data for each logger.

Super Simple, Super Fast: Copy and Paste to Other Programs

????No more laboring through a multi-step export function. Just copy and paste data and other information into an email, notepad, Excel, etc. Super-fast and super-easy!

Let the Computer do the Work: Math Channels and Statistics

????New math channels and statistics allow the user to quickly perform in-depth analyses of both individual and multiple datasets directly within the software! Rather than having to export to Excel to perform calculations, once a math channel or statistic has been added, it is automatically plotted into a graph or is viewable in a data grid. Users can then create sophisticated reports, which can be saved and printed for further review, all in a few easy steps!

More information about the new MadgeTech Data Logger Software 4.0 can be found at http://www.madgetech.com/new-software. Potential users are invited to download the software so that they may test it out for themselves.