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China’s largest foreign export the best deal
Trading Fair – 98th China’s exports Fair ( Fair ) 30 under the curtain of sunset, in yet another fruitful harvest the same time, the face of increasingly difficult trading environment, on

Own brands , OEM heavy topic, it became
Made in China Makers heart a stone. More than ten of thousands of products
Fair cover almost all Chinese exports. However, understanding will find that, despite the “MADE INCHINA” everywhere in every corner of the world, but most of them transformed into “

Nike “” Mickey, “” Winnie the Pooh, “”
Toshiba “And other internationally renowned brand. Fair is not only a” Made in China “the most concentrated display window, also strongly suggest that China is becoming the world’s largest processing plant.

“Many businesses are trying to get rid of people do OEM situation, but clearly the effectiveness of such efforts is not clear for now,”

Beijing Kay Art Toys Co., Ltd. Vice President Liaowen Juan said that while the company quite well known in China toy export industry also registered a “Kayee” international trade mark, but only 5% of export their own brand. “Only hope that the Chinese foreign importers to provide adequate low-cost goods, and then paste their own brand to earn huge profits.”

Not only toys, even if the family
Electricity , Electronic information products such as high-tech exports, such as Chunlan, beauty,
Glanz , Chuangjia and other well-known companies are going “OEM” export-oriented path.
Fair trade groups, according to Jiangsu
investigation, the Fair’s closing orders, 50% of the transaction by OEM way, 21% of export of independent brands, the other 29% of transactions without a license

Operate . Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Office estimates that there are thousands of export enterprises in Jiangsu is not a registered trademark of inside and outside, from a province-wide perspective to the proportion of own brand exports less than 10%.

6,7 months of this year, the European Union have announced that the Chinese shoes and leather shoes were

Anti-dumping Investigation, involving the amount of 670,000,000 U.S. dollars, involving more than 1,200 Chinese companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs, is likely to become the

Textile China after another Trade friction The hardest hit. Expert Pointed out that a large number of OEM production is the Chinese shoes anti-dumping incurred by one of the reasons.

Many foreign trade enterprises started to OEM mode uneasy. While OEM easy because large and experienced export processing trade barriers abroad, on the other hand the initiative is not in their own hands, in the position of the international supply chain can easily be affected. Such as Nike, the Vietnamese wage levels lower than China, have already set up a new plant in Vietnam, plans for next year’s production will be more than China, Vietnam, Nike will replace China as the largest overseas production base.

In the trade show, more and more export enterprises, especially
Private enterprise Recognizing the importance of brand. Sewing machine known export business of the Group Manager of Zhejiang leap LIN Min said, to take the initiative in the international market, to expand its own brand of influence. The export volume of over 200 million U.S. dollars in private enterprises, after years of careful cultivation, the current export products all use proprietary “Feiye”, “Yamata” brand.

The Canton Fair, the most remarkable is located prominently in the exhibition hall of the brand exhibition,

Business The Department also launched the “export brand
Strategy “Through the market Competition

Support export brands; Fair trade group also recommended Pingchu through more than 500 brands exhibiting companies, to provide the best booth in the exhibit to attract the best foreign. Although there are many brand OEM is still not giving up, but in doing everything possible to expand the export of independent brands. Jiangsu trade group survey, many companies that have the opportunity to one or two years out crowd in the world-famous brands