Paid Keyword Tools

Using keyword tools writers gather phrases needed to construct highly targeted content aimed at search engines. If the arrows hit their mark search engines will drive traffic to your site and sales will be increased.

There has never been a shortage of keyword tools to choose from.

One of the main questions has been what the benefits of free vs. paid keyword tools are.

Whether you use a stand alone or online software, paid keyword tools tend to have more features. It is also common practice among software developers to update the software frequently adding and expanding current databases and features.

Free Keyword Tools

You may find flexibility an issue with free tools because of constrictions on the number of keywords that are return per search.

Updating to a paid subscription service will provide access to 1000’s of search phrases compared to just 100’s.

Even though free keyword research tools may have limited capabilities there are still some very good tools available.

Prime examples of this would be the Google Adwords tool, Overture, and WordTracker to name a few.

Subscription Based Services

Paid keyword services will vary in cost depending on the length of subscription.

The length of subscription can range from 1 day to annually.

In the case of Keyword Country subscriptions start at $12 for a day up to $299 annually.

Not only performing LSI searches for industry related keywords but multilingual enabled for 14 languages.

This is very useful if you’re trying to reach a global market.

Keyword Spy

A monthly subscription based service has a research and tracking version for small business costing $89.95.

The tracking version allows for real time monitoring of competitors in search engines.

The professional edition would include both versions for $139.95 monthly.

Keyword Spy will track affiliate ID’s and products in Pay Per Click search engines for 9 affiliate networks like,  Commission Junction, Linkshare and Clickbank.

This tool also will track competitors PPC ad variations and landing pages.

Any of these Keyword Research tools would be a great asset when added to your arsenal of marketing techniques: But, no tool will gain you the sought after results if you do not know how to use it appropriately. Training and application are everything.

Training For Internet Marketers

SEOBook is a comprehensive training program in internet marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click.

Their free keyword tool is a must have for any webmaster, showing results from, blogs, forums, news, social networks and general search.

Aaron Wall founder and developer of SEOBook a paid and free membership site created in 2003. Monthly subscriptions are $100.

Consisting of over 100 training modules and videos in keyword research, link building, articles, website monetization, pay per click ads and SEO community forums.

This is also a great place to find free webmaster tools and gadgets.

In Closing

If your marketing efforts have not currently reached a level that would allow for experimentation with pricier keyword tools, then stick to what you can afford until you see a ROI of time and energy.  If you are at the other end of the spectrum then a paid subscription service may be just what you’re looking for to boost income and savings.