Problems Generating Traffic to Your Website

If you are just starting your online business or you are having problems generating traffic to your website, you may have zero traffic, if that is the case, you can apply some of the following to your site.
1. If You Are Just Starting Out Before you sell anything at all, you need to ensure that you have done your homework first. Selling online can be extremely profitable, but you must lay down the right framework for your online business, if you want to profit with it.
Whether you are an affiliate or merchant, you must do this before trying to generate any traffic on your site – you must choose a niche and targets to sell to, this is extremely important. You cannot sell on the internet if you do not know who will buy from you. The niche and targets you sell to, will determine what ads, content and ad media you use for the promotion of your business and how you do your promotions to get web traffic.
You will also need to review the products and services available in your chosen niche and determine how they meet the needs and wants of your targets. You should understand that in any specific niche, there will most likely be different groups of targets, and each target group will likely want different things, hence you will need to choose specific target group(s) to sell to, to clearly define what they want/need. For example, in the insurance niche, individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and the governments are target groups in the niche, but all have varying needs; hence what you will provide for each group, will not be the same.
You will also have to determine the value you can add to what already exists in your chosen niche, to create a unique edge for yourself. You can then, after this, create ads and content that sell for your promotions. You will then choose targeted ad media to promote on, where you know you can find your targets, and also track your promotions. While doing all these, you should also bear the following in mind
(a). Tracking your promotions is what will let you know where to sell next and the best ad media to use (b). Choose ad media with large targeted audience for your promotions. (c). Be prepared to promote long term – your results are not likely to be instantaneous (d). Promote consistently and continuously for better results
2. If You Have Been Trying To Generate Web Traffic For A While You will need to start at the beginning too. You will need to review and evaluate what you are doing and how you sell.
Do you know the niche and targets you are selling to? Do you provide any unique value? Are you promoting everyday? Do your ads and content sell? Are you promoting on targeted ad media? And are you tracking your results?
You can use your answers to these as a starting point for correcting your web traffic issues.