Rate Your Favorite Web Hosting

Internet is almost our primary needs today. Unlike 10 years a go, when internet was regarded as an exclusive thing, it’s like “usual” technology that everybody can use. Even people located hundred kilometers from the city can enjoy the video streaming and every benefit. People can elaborate their mind and get easier way to communicate, shopping, and even looking for entertainment. Regardless the bad effect of the internet, the positive is much easier to get. It’s not magic it’s the power of internet.

To understand more about internet technology, we must know the basic of the internet provider that is known as web hosting. Web hosting is the basis to serve the website for users that contains many elements such as server, hosting provider, and operating system. Server is probably a must thing to have for every web hosting provider that runs 24/7, so we need two processors for the server to run simultaneously. While there are also 3 choices of website hosting such as shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting, and reseller web hosting. Shared web hosting is probably the most common platforms because it is cheap. While the dedicated server hosting is the favorite one among professional companies, we can say that dedicated server hosting means one website one server, so you have the total control of your website including your own I.P address, visitor tracker, and extra bandwidth. And the last one, the reseller web hosting, is an opportunity to get extra cash. When you purchase web hosting package, you are allowed to partition the space into sections. And the sections you have divided can be purchased by fellow webmasters.

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