Roku Pro Series are the company’s new “premium” TVs

Because my time was limited, I missed so much at CES 2024, and that includes the announcement of the Roku Pro Series TVs. The new Roku Pro Series is the company’s jump into a “premium” TV. Priced between $900 and $1,700, these TVs aren’t as expensive as some competition but they are trying to compete in the same space.

I would love to find out just how good the Roku Pro Series is, but all of my emails to Roku have fallen on deaf ears. But from the information we have, these TVs are looking to target the likes of TCL and Hisense. Though I will say that is a tall order. Both TCL and Hisense are offering some remarkable TVs in this price range, so it will be difficult to compete.

Not to mention that the rumor mill is buzzing about Roku’s intention to inject advertising into third-party devices without the users’ permission. This could potentially mean, that if you buy a Roku Pro Series, if you plug a Chromecast or Apple TV into it, Roku could serve ads to that device. At any rate, here is some of what to expect from the Roku Pro Series.

Roku Pro Series

Roku Pro Series are the company's new "premium" TVs

From the company that pioneered streaming, comes the latest offering in our line of smart TVs, made by Roku. Roku Pro Series TVs deliver a dazzling 4K picture that immerses you in quantum dot color and brilliant contrast. And with Roku Smart Picture, your settings automatically adjust to the type of content you’re watching, so you always see your favorite shows at their best.

Stream live TV right from the home screen, launch apps instantly with preset buttons, combined with our new Roku Voice Remote Pro (2nd edition) to find your favorite entertainment faster. Screen sizes range from 55″ to 75″.


  • QLED screen with enhanced colors — Powered by AI, Roku Smart Picture Max cleans up incoming TV signals, optimizes them for your TV, and automatically refines the color and sharpness for every show, sporting event, and even subtle scene changes.
  • Razor-sharp details with Mini-LED — Watch rich, accurate hues pop off the QLED screen. Movies, TV, and games come to life in exceptional clarity with Dolby Vision IQ.
  • Blistering fast 120Hz refresh — Follow the action with a blazing-fast 120Hz refresh rate—perfect for watching live sports and gaming.
  • Roku Smart Picture automatically adjusts settings
  • Cinematic Dolby Vision® IQ picture and Dolby Atmos® sound
  • Modern design sits flat against your wall — With a minimalist design that sits flat against the wall*, your TV is a centerpiece—even when it’s off.
  • Immersive sound with Roku Soundstage Audio
  • Roku Voice Remote Pro (2nd edition) — When your remote gets away from you, simply press the remote finder button on the side of the TV and it’ll lead you to its hiding spot.
  • 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes
  • Roku Soundstage Audio creates room-filling sound with new side-firing speakers. Put yourself right in the action with rich Dolby Atmos® audio.
  • Automatic game mode drops you right into the action. Enjoy tear-free gaming with FreeSync Premium Pro, ALLM, and VRR.