Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is probably the most well-known payroll software in the UK. Even people who don’t own a business would have heard of this software. Many people who own small businesses, do their payroll themselves, in order to save money, software like Sage takes the weight off your shoulders. Dealing with complicated calculations like National Insurance and Taxes can be a laborious to say the least, therefore using software like Sage has given many accountants and business owners the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their business rather than worry about the tedious task of conducting manual payroll.

Some Sage users, use it as a single application, however some use it in conjunction with Sage Sterling accounts. This creates an automated system whereby wages can be transferred into Sterling accounts without the need for manual processing.

The payroll system of any company needs to be efficient, it is vital, why? Because the employer is dealing with the employee’s “bread and butter” so to speak.

Therefore it is advisable to make sure the best payroll system is in place to ensure, efficient running of the payroll system. No payroll system is perfect however, and there will always be, no doubt a glitch or two, but payroll software is always a big help. Not to mention a time saver and in some ways it could save money, especially if you have a large workforce, doing your payroll manually may mean employing more staff to deal with the extra work. It may even mean paying an outside source to carry out your payroll services for you. If your payroll is dealt with in-house, then payroll software is probably the easiest option. Although in the society we live in, manual payroll is pretty much a thing of the past. Payroll software looks like it is here to stay, however the only thing to consider is which payroll software to choose.

There are a plethora of payroll software packages to choose from, however not all payroll software is made equal. Therefore it is always a good idea to ask around before purchasing a package. Do your research and read reviews. If you are unaware of how to use sage, as a small business, there are various business advisory services in the UK such as Business Link that offer free start up business workshops, majority of the time these workshops include, a basic course on how to use Sage Payroll effectively and efficiently.

Paying your staff is vital to the efficient running of your business, therefore getting it  right is important.  There is nothing worse than, missing one employee in the monthly pay run. Payroll software could help ease the burden of paying your staff, however you should always choose what is best for you and most of all do your research on the best package for your business.