Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Tutorial 1

What really is Search Engine Optimisation?

Are Google, Yahoo & MSN (our virtual hubs) truly the Movers and Shakers of the Internet?

When and where did this entire industry of Internet Marketing come to life?

Do we all need Optimisation services for our website?

Well these are few instant questions that every Internet User, like You and I would ask when being faced with a term like Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing for the first time! As Internet users, we probably have never gone beyond the first few of the Search Engine Result Pages oblivious of the entire system and an organized industry that operates behind these search engine pages

Accustomed to the convenience of these online directories that troubleshoot users with numerous listings for every keyword that we type, Google, Yahoo, MSN etc have almost become indispensable to the world of netizens and probably that self-explains the emergence of practices like Search Engine Optimisation and the need for aggressive & manoeuvred – Internet marketing

Now since this tutorial will take you through the entire process of optimizing websites for the search engines for the purpose of Search Engine Marketing from scratch and introduce you to the several SEO services that make this activity decipherable yet calculated I will take you through the tour every step and notch time to time.

In accordance to what I just said, the first thing that comes to the mind of a layman about the World Wide Web is perhaps what & why and then the latent soul of marketing – how does it help me?

The World Wide Web is a term that holds the entire expanse of the Internet within. The Internet-work operates, as the name states – building a web around its self. A web of different networks that cross, compliment and co-exist with each other, the Internet serves as a tool which gives any user a global platform to interact, display, advertise, sale, purchase etc.

Take for example; if you have a business idea in mind, or want to reach out to the masses for just about anything under the sun – you perhaps must have immediately thought of having a website that speaks for you. Given that you are reading this tutorial, its reasonable to assume that you think your business needs a website which you want to make popular – for people to know you.

Building on this- I shall take you through the next few tutorials which will bring you the eminence of the following for SEO purposes.

1. Domain name choice.

2. Keyword research.

3. Meta tags Optimization

4. Title Optimisation

5. Anchor text Optimisation

6. Page Ranks

7. Business analysis

8. Competition on the SERP’s

9. Google Sandbox effect

Watch this space for descriptive information on each of these listed facets of building a website and optimizing it for the Internet.

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In our forthcoming tutorials, will come up with some more and useful important information including discussion on Domain name choice, Keyword research, Meta tags Optimisation, Page ranks, etc.