SUPER73 has announced its 2024 e-bikes

Electric bikes seem to be the latest and greatest tech gadget on the market, and there’s nothing wrong with that. SUPER73 has announced its 2024 e-bike lineup ready for you to purchase and enjoy. We’ve been getting a good number of e-bike press releases, and only a few have caught our eye. We have a Gazelle review and Heybike review coming soon, and SUPER73 has something entirely different to offer.

Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about this year’s e-bike lineup.

SUPER73 E-Bike 2024 Lineup

SUPER73, the American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes, today announced its model year 2024 e-bike lineup. The new lineup features more durable throttles, UL-compliant batteries in a range of capacities, refreshed colors to the core lineup, and Special Edition (SE) and Limited Edition (LE) trims. On display in their new retail store at its Irvine, CA headquarters, SUPER73 will debut the new models featuring exclusive badging to differentiate each SE & LE e-bike, along with three new colorways, including:

  • Bandit SE – A 1970s muscle car-inspired black with gold touches can be found on the SUPER73-Z Series and the SUPER73-R Adventure.
  • Palladium SE – A masterclass in style and sophistication, Palladium is painted a deep and rich gray complemented by a brown vinyl seat that can be found on the SUPER73-Z Series and the SUPER73-R Adventure.
  • Speedway LE – A nod to motorsports nostalgia, this silvery satin gray evokes speed and is featured on the SUPER73-Z Miami, SUPER73-ZX and SUPER73-R Adventure.
SUPER73 has announced its 2024 e-bikes

Playing up the premium quality of the SE and LE models for e-bike enthusiasts and collectors alike, SUPER73 introduces exclusive badging on stem caps for clear delineation of bike type. Further showcasing the unique nature of the LE models, SUPER73 individually numbered each bike up to 500 depending on model, providing riders with a unique opportunity to connect with the brand.

“We’ve listened closely to our riders’ experiences and aspirations, and are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements and colorways of our new 2024 lineup,” said LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 co-founder and CEO. “Every upgrade is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences and exceeding the expectations of our loyal and passionate customers, while also adding exclusive numbered badging for all of our limited and special edition bikes starting this year, adding a touch of exclusivity and pride to every ride.”

In an effort to create battery compatibility across the lineup, these new models will be fitted with three new tiers of batteries, each with labels to help identify them. These batteries can be interchanged between all of SUPER73’s newer models, allowing the rider to choose the power and range they desire. In addition, they carry the UL 2271 compliance seal, meaning they have been tested to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards and passed accordingly. The batteries and specifications are outlined below:

Battery Names Specifications Base Models
500 PRO Battery 500Wh, Range of 25–35 miles SUPER73-Z Miami: Core & SESUPER73-ZX: Core
SUPER73-Z Adventure: Core
750 PRO Battery 750Wh, Range of 35–45 miles SUPER73-Z Miami: LESUPER73-ZX: SE & LESUPER73-Z Adventure: SESUPER73-S2: SE
1000 PRO Battery 1000Wh, Range of 40–55 miles SUPER73-R Adventure: Core, SE & LE
SUPER73 has announced its 2024 e-bikes

For riders new to the e-bike space, the Z-series collection features a lineup of some of the most convenient and effortless models, perfect for anyone looking to explore in comfort and style. This year’s bikes will see upgrades including a brand-new throttle, the addition of 48v headlight and taillights to the Z Miami and ZX models and 500 / 750 PRO batteries based on model and edition type. Additionally, they will have multiple new colorways; whether you’re seeking classic elegance or a pop of personality, our color options are here to turn heads. 

  • The Z Miami will feature Panthro Blue, SE Astro Orange, SE Palladium, SE Bandit, and LE Speedway featuring Gray Trooper Tires.
  • The ZX will come in Panthro Blue with SE’s in Bandit and Palladium, and the LE in Speedway.
  • Rounding out the lineup, SUPER73’s Z-Adventure will keep Sandstorm as a standard colorway, highlighting Bandit and Palladium in SE.

For the urban adventurer, the best-selling SUPER73-S2 will now come standard with the new throttle, 500 PRO battery, Tektro hydraulic HD-E350 2-piston brakes, and co-branded Maxxis SuperSucker tires.

  • The S2 will come in Sandstorm and Panthro Blue, which sports a brown seat, a nod, and throwback to the popular Hudson Blue colorway.

The model year 2024 SUPER73-R Adventure has colorway and rider-inspired updates. All R Adventure bikes will come standard with the new throttle and the 1000 PRO battery. Featured within the SE and LE models, riders can experience a new standard with Fox rear suspension and Magura Hydraulic MT5e brakes.

  • The SUPER73-R Adventure will come standard in Sandstorm, while offering Bandit and Palladium as SE colors and Speedway in LE.
SUPER73 has announced its 2024 e-bikes

To cap off the Model Year 24 launch and build excitement around the brand, SUPER73 officially moved its retail store to the company’s headquarters, located in Irvine, California. This location is designed to showcase the latest innovations and product lines while providing customers with an immersive experience that highlights the quality, creativity, and overall retro-futuristic aesthetic the brand is known for. At the forefront of its headquarters, this retail store not only serves as a hub to showcase the SUPER73 brand but also will be the template for future brick-and-mortar stores. SUPER73’s team created an atmosphere that embodies adventurous vibes through its contemporary SoCal-inspired design and laid-back ambiance, inviting customers to immerse themselves in the brand’s vision.