Surviving Personal Finance Decisions with Payday Loans

It was announced Friday April 16, 2010 that Goldman Sachs is now under review by the SEC regarding fraudulent practices.  The short of it is that Goldman Sachs may have been one of the biggest players in the sub prime mortgage decline, due to their lending of these types of loans.  An investigation is being launched to see if and how they may have defrauded customers.

Unfortunately, the investigation is going to take time, so anyone who had dealings with Goldman Sachs is not going to find an instant decision that betters their life.  If someone had a mortgage from this company or somehow through the company,  it may be possible to get some sort of reparation.  While you wait, you might be thinking about payday loans and what a cash advance could do for you.

If you are about to make a personal finance decision you need to weigh the options.  While you might feel misused by Goldman Sachs or another mortgage company, due to unlawful practices,  it doesn’t do much to help your current debt situation.  You need a solution that could alleviate your issues and make it easier to get through the month.

Some individuals elect to go the way of payday loans and cash advances; where they get a little extra money between paychecks to survive.  The question is,  Is this the right decision?  Should you be betting your personal finances on loans that are considered every bit as bad as a fraudulent mortgage company loan?

Here is why you might want to avoid the payday loans if you are in dire debt troubles.  A payday loan is a short term loan with little regulation.  In other words, the companies have found a loop hole that allows them to charge you high interests in a short period of time.  There is also a fee associated with the cash advance.  If you are in a situation where you cannot pay the loan back on the due date,  and in full, you are just creating more debt for yourself.

On the other hand, if it is possible to pay it all back and avoid the hefty interest fees, it could be a sound decision to get you through the month.  The reality is that most individuals seeking payday loans are already behind in payments and obtaining this type of loan could make it even worse.  You have other personal finance decisions you could make. You could seek a debt consolidation loan through a bank or consolidation loan company.  You could sell your car to raise the needed funds.

You should consider every alternative;  especially if you have been misled by a large bank, before making a decision that could make the situation you are in worse.  You also need to be proactive if you feel you have been misled by any mortgage company, regarding reparation for what occurred;  like losing your home.  If you are still in the process of repossession, you might even be able to put it on hold.