The Differences Between ACT! Database Software and Goldmine

More and more companies are now using contact management systems as a great way to track the success of various marketing techniques that they are using. They enable a person to put together a quick spreadsheet which allows them track contact data. There are many different contact management systems around today but in this particular article we will compare ACT! database software with Goldmine as these seem to be getting the most attention at the present time.

Firstly ACT database software provides the user with links to PDA’s as well as there being an online version available. While Goldmine although is the second most popular of the CRM systems it has many of the same features as ACT!.

When you are comparing ACT! database software with Goldmine there are a number of key features that you should be looking for.

1. That it has an import and export capability for use with all the popular Microsoft formats such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

2. It can be linked to PDA’s.

3. It can be linked to accounting software programs that are readily available.

4. They can provide the businesses customers with much better server online solutions than any of the other CRM systems that are now available.

However the makers of Goldmine believe it has a technical advantage over ACT database software being that is was built from the ground up for work groups, while ACT uses a flat file system which can be hard to synchronize especially with those groups which are geographically dispersed.

Goldmine software has many CRM features and integrates with many applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

But ACT! database software allows the user to log all calls to customers and clients and then enables them to synchronize this information with Palm OS and Pocket PC hand helds. It also allows the user to keep a history of all client communications as well as supplying the user with 40 customizable reports. It has the usual sales management tools found on other CRM systems such as Goldmine but it includes the ability to schedule calls, meetings and events as part of a coordinated marketing campaign.

As you can see from above there are various kinds of contact management systems available, but we have just compare ACT! database software [http://www.actdatabasesoftware.com] and Goldmine as they are to of the more favored ones around.