Top 10 Photoshop Tutorial Sites for Web Design

Adobe Photoshop, or simply Photoshop, has been an indispensable tool for web development. Though Photoshop was commonly used as a graphics editing program, Photoshop today is now integrated for web development purposes such as creation of website layout, buttons, navigation, logo, fonts, and graphical materials frequently seen in a website.

There are hundreds of sites in the web that provide learning materials in using Photoshop, may it be for the web, photo editing or others. Here is the top 10 list of popular websites that offer different and useful tips and tricks in Photoshop.


PSDTuts.com is one of my most favorite sites that provide useful “Spoonfed” tutorials for beginners and professionals. Much like any Photoshop tutorial sites, PSDTuts.com also offers different kinds of how tos for text, image effects, and web design. The unique thing about this website is that, this is open for all who are willing to impart their knowledge in Photoshop for the use of all.

PSDTuts.com provides a great way of exposure by allowing artists to write tutorials and articles as well as earn cash.

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PSHero.com is another site that provides useful and effective Photoshop tutorials as it offers comprehensive graphic designs that include navigational bars for web, complex repeating background patterns, and cool and useful font effects, as well as the popular artistic sepia on photos.


Tutorial9.net is a collection of teachers, experts, and caring folks from around the world, all gathered in one place to pass along their knowledge to absolutely anyone interested in learning.

Tutorial9.net offers Photography, illustrator, and web tutorials which include SEO, blog designs such as adding thumbnails to wordpress or usability improvements for blogs, and other tools to understand a website’s viewers.


PSDLearning.com also provides some of the juiciest and coolest effects in photo, text, other special effects, and interface for web pages. One of its features is its comprehensiveness, i.e. step by step guidelines in Photoshop.

This site is a perfect place to find various ways on creating portfolios, in addition to coolest trends in web design such as smart objects and videos. It offers a detailed step by step process on each tutorials.


Pixel2Life.com caters to graphic designers, webmasters and programmers, having 45,154 tutorials listed in 88 categories. They also feature a massive and diversified community with 36,847 registered members that participate in their forums.

Different webmasters can benefit from Pixel2Life.com by receiving a large initial influx of traffic for every accepted tutorial they submit, and continue to do so as long as it stays in the site’s index. The best thing about this site is that it’s free. No membership is required, and there’s no requirement to link back to them.

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Good-Tutorials.com is a website that provides a collection of different how tos from Photoshop, Illustrator, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Flash, HTML, and many more that web designers can benefit from. One good thing about this site is that, much like PSDTuts.com, it also offers a way to submit tutorials which can help beginners and professionals alike.


TutorialSphere.com offers 3D graphics, audio editing, video editing, and other website development tools such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, XML, and Photoshop among others.

Same as the previous sites, it also allows designers and developers to submit their own know hows and articles in the site.


Pegaweb.com directly gives out web design tips using Photoshop. As owner is a web designer himself, he can provide the latest trends in web design, and a way for beginners to learn how Photoshop can enhance the site’s capability to attract viewers.


Another great website is PhotoshopTalent.com as it offers how tos on photo, text, color effects, animations, buttons and icons, web layouts, and Photoshop basics for beginners.

One great thing about this website is that it also shares videos so as to help beginners learn how to use Photoshop in creating specific effects on images, texts, and on web layouts.

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PhotoshopSupport.com is one of the best places where enthusiasts can come and learn the tips and tricks involved in Photoshop. It provides different information from PS scripts, web templates, web design tips, blog templates, tips and tricks for beginners, to the simple keyboard shortcuts. PhotoshopSupport.com specializes in offering their viewers a comprehensive list of tutorials mainly from Photoshop.