Top 50 Micro SaaS Ideas and Side Projects For 2023

The launch of ChatGPT late last year has sparked a revolutionary shift in the tech landscape, ushering in a new era of generative AI. This breakthrough has made it possible, even for non-technical individuals, to develop tools that were once considered out of reach. In doing so, it has unleashed a wave of creativity and opened doors to countless entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide.

The rising popularity of ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools has given rise to a surge in Micro SaaS and side projects. Innovators and creators are now crafting extraordinary products and reaping the rewards of their ingenuity. They are harnessing the potent capabilities of AI to establish startups and generate substantial revenue, sometimes reaching the million-dollar mark. Here, we explore a collection of remarkable AI project ideas, complete with their respective revenue figures. These examples may serve as an inspiration for those embarking on their own AI startup journey during this golden age of AI.

AI-Powered Micro-SaaS

Micro SaaS, in particular, is making waves in this landscape. These are compact software products offered as services, designed to tackle specific tasks or solve particular issues for individual users. They may not be as vast and intricate as software giants like Microsoft Excel, but they cater to a more specialized audience and deliver their services online via the cloud.

Micro SaaS startups are distinguished by their focus on developing and delivering streamlined, targeted software solutions that meet specific customer needs. These businesses often operate with small teams and minimal resources, making use of cloud infrastructure and automation tools to optimize their operations and maintain cost efficiency. They typically follow a bootstrapped approach, building their products incrementally with a strong emphasis on sustainable growth and profitability rather than rapid scaling.

Today, micro SaaS and side projects have become dynamic and potent elements within the business landscape. They offer individuals the chance to achieve remarkable financial success. The achievements of these ventures underscore the pivotal role that AI plays in expediting project development and ensuring substantial MRR in this era of unprecedented technological evolution.

Micro SaaS Ideas

We now find ourselves amidst a truly transformative period that has reshaped the business landscape. Entrepreneurs and founders, empowered by AI, are rapidly conceiving and launching a multitude of side projects and Micro SaaS products that cater to market demands. What’s truly remarkable is their ability to generate substantial Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), a feat that seemed unattainable in the past.

Consider the example of Helper-AI, which offers a lightning-fast method to access GPT-4 on any website. In a mere two months, this project has already accumulated over $2750 in revenue, showcasing the immense potential AI brings to the entrepreneurial table.

AI is not just a catalyst for innovation; it’s the driving force behind heightened productivity, automated customer interactions, and the development of imaginative solutions. For instance, ImprovMX.com leverages AI to help users craft more effective emails, while Mention Tools is a groundbreaking social listening application that uses AI to monitor and analyze social media conversations.

Helper-AI and ImprovMX.com serve as prime examples among a multitude of micro-SaaS and side projects that are tapping into the potential of AI to create remarkable startups and achieve substantial earnings. In addition to these standout ventures, there exists a list of 50 other micro-SaaS and side projects that are generating thousands in Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR). This list was originally curated by the diligent effort of iideaman on IndieHacks, who invested countless hours in online research to bring this list to life. Hats off to iideaman for his effort and insights.

Our intention in presenting this list is to ignite inspiration within many of you to embark on your own AI startup journey in this golden era of AI. The opportunities are abundant, and the potential for innovation is boundless. The success stories of these micro-SaaS and side projects stand as a testament to what can be achieved when you combine ingenuity, technology, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. It’s a momentous time to dive into the world of AI startups, and we hope that this compilation paves the way for countless new endeavors and inventive projects to emerge.

With that said, below is a list of the top 50+ micro-SaaS ideas and side projects making $1 million.

Top Micro SaaS Ideas and Side Projects Making $1 Million

  1. iCodeThis: Offering daily coding challenges, they’ve grown to $5.3K in monthly revenue.
  2. Helper-AI (www.helperai.info): They’ve built the fastest way to access GPT-4 on any site. Within just two months, Helper-AI earned $2750+ by selling their AI startup source code and 100% ownership, enabling others to kickstart their AI ventures.
  3. Malcolm: Their productivity tool, Intend, now generates $8.4K in monthly revenue.
  4. Liinks by Charlie Clark: With 4200 paying customers, they’ve crossed $20K MRR.
  5. Quuu: Providing audience-specific curated content for increased social media engagement, Quuu has reached an impressive $61K MRR.
  6. Notion2Sheets by Lean Zubrezki: Crossing $6K MRR.
  7. Handle.horse: A tool for getting notified when a Twitter/X handle becomes available, they’ve reached $2,800 MRR.
  8. Churnfree: Helping businesses reduce churn rate with personalized retention flows, they’ve reached $20K in monthly revenue.
  9. ImprovMX.com: A tool for sending and receiving emails with custom domain names, developed by Cyril and Antoine, has reached $19K in monthly revenue.
  10. Al Salah: They reached 15K MRR with instatus.com, a tool for creating status pages.
  11. Maciej Cupial: Crossing $8K MRR with Calendesk.com, an appointment scheduling software designed for businesses.
  12. Marc Lou: Crossing $1500 MRR with indiepa.ge, the Linktree for entrepreneurs.
  13. Customerly: Helps automate repetitive tasks and customer communications, saving precious time.
  14. PodSqueeze: Enables one-click generation of show notes, timestamps, newsletters, and more for podcasts, reaching $10K MRR.
  15. Mention Tools: A social listening tool for tracking brand mentions and keywords, helping businesses find new customers and reaching $1.2K in monthly revenue.
  16. Treblle.com: An API management tool that has reached $10K/month in revenue.
  17. Peedu Tuisk: He’s reached 11K users one year after launching hardy.app, a weight lifting and gym workout routine app.
  18. ReConvert: A Shopify upsell app used by 40,000+ Shopify merchants.
  19. AudioNotes: An audio-based note-taking app with $2500+ in revenue and 50+ paying users within two months of its launch.
  20. salesforge.ai: Hitting $2K MRR within a month of launch.
  21. Trimbox: A tool to unsubscribe from emails with one click, reaching $54K in monthly revenue, founded by Jordan.
  22. The 80/20 Design Challenge: A design course by Nate Kadlac that reached $2500+ in 3 months.
  23. Glorify: A graphic design tool for e-commerce, currently at $2.3K in monthly revenue.
  24. Tailscan: A developer tool for Tailwind CSS, crossing $800 MRR with 250+ subscribers.
  25. Snappify: A powerful design tool for presenting code snippets, reaching $1,402 MRR and 9,681 registered users.
  26. Voice.ai: Raising $6M with its real-time voice changer approaching 500K users.
  27. Helper-AI: They’ve built the fastest way to access GPT-4 on any site, making $2000+ within a month by selling source code and complete ownership of AI, enabling others to launch their AI startups.
  28. Japanese firm Telexistence: Securing $170M from SoftBank with its AI-powered robotic arms revolutionizing retail and logistics.
  29. Zipchat: A subscription-based Shopify, chat, and AI platform launching in March 2023 with $1,500 MRR.
  30. Notification: A WordPress notification plugin by Jakub Mikita that reaches $3.7K in monthly revenue.
  31. ChatDox: Reaching $1.5K in monthly revenue, developed by Rana and Zain.
  32. Leon Wei: Getting the first paid customer on a $349 annual plan for skills.ai.
  33. VisualizeAI: A Micro-SaaS for interior design, reaching $500 MRR.
  34. Mustafa Ercan: Reaching $10K in monthly revenue with radaar.io, a social media management and collaboration platform.
  35. Databerry.ai: Hitting $50K ARR, 100 paying customers, and ~1.8K GitHub Stars, led by Georges Petrov.
  36. Hieu Nguyen: Reaching over $7K for GasbyAI in the past 30 days.
  37. Klaas: Reaching $2,394 MRR with webtastic.ai for lead generation.
  38. hirevire.com: A video interview tool by Sanat and Nikhil, crossing $900 in monthly revenue.
  39. ScreenshotOne: A screenshot API by Dmytro Krasun has reached a monthly revenue of $2.5K.
  40. Louis: Sharing how he accidentally created AudioPen, a generative AI tool that’s made $73,000 in 2 months.
  41. scrapingfish.com: A web scraping API hitting $5K monthly revenue.
  42. Sandeep Acharya: Reaching $546 MRR from docswrite.com, a tool to automate publishing from Google Docs to WordPress.
  43. dante-ai.com: A custom GPT-powered chatbot builder hitting $7K MRR in less than a month of launch.
  44. SignHouse: An eSignature tool reaching $500 in sales in 1 week.
  45. InsertChatGPT: A tool to create white-label ChatGPT chatbots trained on your data, hitting $30K MRR.
  46. GPTMyDay: An AI tool to plan your day, reaching 300 users within a month of launch.
  47. My AskAI: Sharing insights on reaching $14K/MRR and 300 customers.
  48. Unriddle: An app to query documents using GPT-4, generating $1.9k revenue in just over a week.
  49. AgentRunner.ai: An app for creating GPT-4 powered autonomous agents, reaching 60+ sign-ups per day, led by Nicolas Trésegnie.
  50. HeyGen: An AI video generation platform reaching $1M ARR in just 7 months.
  51. Bhanu Teja: Crossing $9.8K MRR with SiteGPT, a tool to create AI chatbots without coding.
  52. ImagineMe: A bootstrapped generative AI tool reaching $2K