Top Scanner Software Freeware Review

The security of our computer networks at office requires the enforcement of security architecture for full proof security. Network scanners invariable form a very crucial leg of this architecture as they help us restrict access to our network and stop unwanted traffic.

Most network scanners that are commercially used these days are proprietary in nature and may cost the moon. This often prevents small firms from using them on their networks. An alternate option is to download freeware scanner software and you can get hold of a bunch of them by visiting our section on download network tools

HTTP Proxy Scanner 1.0 is one of the newest scanner software tools that help search HTTP proxy servers.

It is an ideal software for those who have a slow Internet connection. Using this scanner software, you can protect your computer privacy and make surfing in an anonymous way. NetworkActiv Port Scanner 4.0 is also a reliable scanner software that is very easy to use and full of advanced features.

Ariolic Disk Scanner 1.2 is another popular scanner software that helps checking the hard drive for rear errors. This software makes a raw sector read check of the hard drive and also shows the results as a picture of your disk. Then, there is Nsauditor Network Security Auditor 1.5 that lets you audit and monitor network computers for possible virus attacks.

In addition there are host of other software that you may find useful according the network you have. At times you may also need to look at the possibility of using packet sniffers to eliminate instances of corporate espionage. To get hold of a number powerful packet sniffers please visit our section on download sniffer software


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