Toshiba Laptop Computers

Toshiba has led the way in the laptop computer world with cutting edge technology and innovation since unveiling the first ever in 1985. The color screen was another milestone introduced to the world on Toshiba laptop computers in 1991.

Constantly striving to push the envelope then led to Toshiba laptop computers such as Toshiba PA2487U, Toshiba PA3395U-1BRS and Toshiba PA3250U-1BRS boasting both the first ever CD-Rom and DVD drives in ’95 and ’97.

Never resting on their laurels, Toshiba ingrained their commitment to the portable PC world with the debut of the wireless laptop in 2001.

To this day, Toshiba laptop computers are recognized the world over for developing and producing both low cost everyday devices right up to seriously powered business and media laptops.

If it is basic functionality that you want, and don’t need all the bells and whistles that most of us never use, the Satellite range of Toshiba laptop computers is probably all you need. Ideal for probably 80% of users, the Satellite is more than capable for internet and email, light gaming, and most standard Microsoft applications. With a range of options available as far as size and memory, from the smaller 11.6″ model with 2GB Ram right up to the generous 18.4″ with 4GB Ram and 500GB hard-drive.

If you’re really into music, movies, games, or other multimedia pursuits, the Toshiba laptop computers from the Qosmio range could be more for you.

Everything about these computers is designed for high-level entertainment. Packed with home entertainment features such as an HD Screen, HD DVD player HD TV tuner, everything about the Qosmio is high definition, including the Harman Kardon sub-woofer and speakers. Significantly more expensive than the Satellite range but it could be the last computer you’ll ever need to buy.

For the more business minded individual, Toshiba laptop computers from their Tecra and Portage ranges are the pick. Built to take some rough treatment the Tecra and Portage lines are designed for high intensity business users. Padded bag aside, if your machine gets the punishment mine does on the subway and in the office, these two are built to handle it.

Robust and secure are the Tecra’s middle names. A shock proof outer shell backs up the separate hard drive protection and stringent security of all your documents and files is maintained by the Tecra’s included encryption technology.

If stealth is more your style, Toshiba laptop computers present the Portage. A flyweight compared to the Tecra but with much the same power it is designed to be sleek and ultra portable. A rotating screen on the newer models that converts the notebook into a tablet PC has greatly increased its appeal and versatility.

So whether you are just thinking of getting into mobile computing or looking to upgrade your existing laptop, you can trust Toshiba laptop computers to provide you with the best value for money and cutting edge technology that money can buy, whatever your personal requirements.