Transferring Revenue Between Bank Accounts Takes Forever

Bank of America Loan Modification - Help For Harried Homeowners

Are you behind on your mortgage payments with Bank of America? There may be help available through a Bank of America Loan Modification through the federal stimulus bill.

Your personal financial situation plays very heavily in the approval of your loan modification with Bank of America.

Bank of America Loan Modification – Help For Harried Homeowners

With all of this fantastic innovation, why in the world does it take several days to transfer money between bank accounts? This makes it even more mind boggling that a transfer between one account and another can take days to complete.When you transfer money between your online account and your offline account (or even a different online bank account held with a different institution), the money isn’t transferring the funds “online” the way you would expect. If you’ve ever transferred money between bank accounts you’ll know this is rarely, if ever, the case!

Some banks, including Bank of America charges a $3 fee when you want to transfer funds from your BOA account to another bank – while you can log into your online bank, like ING, and transfer the money into the account from Bank of America for free. Transferring money from Paypal to your bank can take five to seven business days, on average.