What is Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations?

What is marketing?

It is a process of turning an idea of what to sell into the reality of the actual product taken onto the market in such a way so that to raise the demand far above the supply.

It implies thorough market research, effective marketing strategy, workable marketing plans, strong marketing campaigns and clever marketing techniques.

What is advertising?

Actions to call people’s attention to products or services by introducing them to people through mass media channels. The purpose of advertising is to create interest and opinion in the favor of the thing being presented in the ads.

Appropriate target market must be established and proper ad channels used that were discovered and worked out while developing the marketing plan in the previous step.

What is promotion?

Getting one’s products out, getting them known and well thought of.

Anything that is sent out to reach the public to know about your business would be also considered promotion: business cards, flyers, free samples, store displays, coupons, demonstrations, public relations capers, websites promotion or any promotional material etc.

Promotion can be predicted with almost mathematical precision with regard to how many sales it would return depending on how well you do your marketing analysis and planning.

What is public relations?

PR or public relations is an art of making the company or something or someone else well known and forming the opinion of the public in the favor of things or people being promoted. It is the science to persuade people to think in the desired direction and set, forward and protect public image, management policies and the business or brand reputation of whatever or whoever you work for.

Public relations have one essentially important element which all your pr planning, campaigns, events, strategies, ideas, techniques etc. depended upon.

This element determines, sustains and promotes your success in all your pr, marketing or any promotional actions at all: “Give people what they want, need and demand”.

How you do this? – Survey Technology.