What Lies for the Future of Really Cool Games for iPhone?

With more and more people having an iPhone, so is the increase in demand for quality and fun applications for it. As the age of ownership of the iPhone getting younger and “savvy-er”, Having really cool games for the iPhone is an era on the rise and an era to watch out for software developers. But where does the future hold for the iPhone gaming world depend on?

The App Store for the iPhone and iTouch has a list of really cool applications that can help either entertain, or help people make life more convenient, but iPhone gaming on the other hand has its own focus.

For the past year, or maybe years, it has shown promise to be in line with the popular gaming consoles in the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

More Practical with the Economic Issues without the Sacrifice of Fun

More people are finding iPhone gaming more practical and less expensive other than some cartridges. I think another reason behind this is that they can enjoy a wide range of games from all genres without paying too much. If a new game is desired, the flexibility of having a new one in a snap is what makes the iPhone gaming really cool and shows a lot of promise.

Fresh Blood

But other than the software developers that we commonly see, the generation that shows another great potential in the iPhone gaming is the rise of the independent software developers. Maybe unknown at present, but the vision of new exciting games from fresh blood is in indeed the next level in iPhone gaming. Remember that the main stream developers nowadays started somewhere, from being independent to where they are right now.

Cost-wise, independent producers can produce the same quality at a lower price while building a name and trust to their soon to be customers. And isn’t it great to have a first hand experience to a really cool game before it goes mainstream?

“Promise of Coolness”

There are many developers out there, and most have that stage of lower quality production because they are just starting. I guess that is where boys are separated from the men. But there are few developers out there that create a “promise of coolness”, and one of those is Beteo Games. You can visit them at BeteoGames.com (http://www.beteogames.com)

Bradley and Bryan Cimo, pursues the applications and games development for Beteo, backed-up with 15 years experience. Indeed, Beteo Games is one of the promising game development companies to watch out.

Companies like Beteo games will show the iPhone gaming aficionados that cool, new and exciting games really come from anywhere. So expect more fun to come to the screens of your iPhone.