Who Needs To Learn Computer Programming?

Do you know the answer to the question, ‘Who needs to learn computer programming?’ well, It depends. It depends on what exactly you mean by programming. You should know a little bit of web programming like HTML and Javascript so that you don’t need to depend on someone else for additions and editing your work (if you intend to build your own website). Those are the two languages are the basics languages that everyone should know.

If you’re referring to software programming then the answer is: No you do not need to learn programming. You do not need to learn it to get ahead as it is usually the concept or the idea which can make you money and not a programming tool or language.

Further, the world is getting more and more specialized. In order stay in tune with it, you need to find your niche and build with it. Nobody can be good at everything. It’s about delegation. Unless you plan to become a professional programmer, and getting a formal education for it, leave development up to other experienced developers.

Additionally, from a practical standpoint, it is dangerous for everyone to try to do web programming. Some of the coding, for example one of the variables the tell-a-friend script pulls from the form is openly included in the message it sends out. The problem with that is if someone who knows what they’re doing, with regard to programming gets a hold of it, they could easily recode the tell-a-friend form into an open spam relay. It is a script with a major hole just sitting there waiting to be exploited. That’s the risk you run when you don’t understand the ramifications of every line of code. If you do not have the time or desire to learn serious coding, and some basic code security techniques, you will only make life harder for other netizens and in the end, for yourself.

So unless you plan to become a professional programmer and take the time to study these things, there’s really no need to learn programming. Rather, hire someone who is a professional and let them do the work for you. Finding a professional programmer is easy too. All you need to do is visit http://www.rentacoder.com and put out a bid for your project. You’ll get programmers from all over the world quoting on your project. Entrepreneurs use them all the time and have wonderful results. Hiring someone is not only far more effective, but it leverages your role as the project manager and takes you out of the creator mindset.