You can now buy and sell USDt on TON with Ramp Network

In a move set to shake up the cryptocurrency landscape, Ramp Network (Ramp) has just announced the ability for users to buy and sell USDt on the TON network. This bold step, unveiled on Friday, underscores Ramp Network’s position as a disruptive force in integrating crypto with the global financial systems.

With this integration, Ramp Network enables users to purchase and withdraw USDt on TON, the stablecoin launched by Tether for the first time. This move not only expands the utility of Tether but also unlocks a world of possibilities within the Telegram Messenger ecosystem, boasting a massive user base of over 900 million worldwide. Now, users can enjoy a frictionless experience for peer-to-peer payments within this sprawling digital community.

“We’re excited to bring USDt to The Open Network because we support its vision of an open and decentralized internet and a borderless financial system,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO at Tether. “The launch of USDt on TON will allow seamless value transfer globally in a simple experience that can match even the traditional financial system. This furthers our mission of powering open financial infrastructure across the blockchain space.”

USDt, already a heavyweight in the stablecoin arena with a market cap exceeding $107 billion, takes a giant leap forward with its integration into the TON network. This tight integration with the Telegram Wallet sets the stage for further innovation and growth, paving the way for expanded applications and decentralized services on TON.

Ramp Network’s support for USDt on TON streamlines transactions within the ecosystem, offering a user-friendly platform for crypto purchases and withdrawals in over 150 countries. As a leading player in cryptocurrency fintech infrastructure, Ramp Network also simplifies the process of accessing and trading digital assets, making crypto transactions as easy as sending a text message.

Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO of Ramp Network, expressed excitement about the collaboration with the TON Foundation. He emphasized the shared vision of making crypto transactions as effortless as everyday communication, underscoring the potential benefits for millions of users within the TON ecosystem.

“Crypto transactions should be as simple as texting. At Ramp Network we share TON Foundation’s vision. We are excited to contribute to making it a reality by introducing on-ramping and off-ramping for USDt on TON across more than 150 countries. We look forward to seeing how enabling access to instant, low-cost crypto transactions can improve the lives of hundreds of millions of users in the TON ecosystem”  Sypniewicz said.

The rollout of USDt on TON via Ramp Network will be conducted gradually. Initially, on-ramping will be available on Ramp’s main website, along with integrations with third-party wallets that have chosen to support TON assets. Subsequently, USDt on TON will be added to fiat off-ramps.

This announcement builds upon Ramp Network’s earlier support for the TON network, which was first announced in December 2023 when Ramp enabled on-ramping for the network’s native asset, Toncoin (TON).

Founded by Szymon Sypniewicz and Przemek Kowalczyk, Ramp Network (RAMP) is a fintech company connecting the crypto economy with the global financial infrastructure through on- and off-ramp solutions. Operating in 150+ countries and territories, Ramp offers a streamlined experience for converting between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, integrated with major payment methods.

The Open Network (TON) is a global decentralized blockchain community focused on making crypto accessible to everyone. With a vision to build the Web3 ecosystem in Telegram Messenger, TON aims to empower 500 million users to own their digital identity, data, and assets by 2028.

USDt Now Supported on Ramp Network for TON Purchases and Withdrawals