Exobrew announces its craft beer home brewing machine

Home brewing has always been a thing, and home brewing technology has become better year over year. Exobrew is hoping its new home brewing machine will be a hit. The company brought it to CES 2024 and here’s what you need to know.

Exobrew CES 2024

[CES 2024] Exobrew announces its craft beer home brewing machine

Exobrew announced that it will soon be introducing the first-ever solution for making beer, kombucha, ciders and alcoholic free beverages in the USA. Exobrew will offer Generation 3 devices (from $879), beer club subscription on ingredient packs ($25) and a pro-membership to create your own recipes ($9).

A team of experts in beer, technology, and design completely re-engineered beer making and introduced a groundbreaking approach to the art of crafting iconic beers in the comfort of one’s home while reducing glass bottle beers. “We empower users not only to create beers tailored to their preferences and re-taste their favorites discovered in a local bar, but also to monetize their unique recipes by selling them to larger breweries.” — Bart van de Kooij, Founder, and CEO of Exobrew.

The global consumption of beer is staggering, exceeding 185 billion liters, with 45% of American drinkers expressing a preference for locally crafted beers. Exobrew compact devices use newly invented technology and a cloud-based platform with unlimited recipes to brew 1.6 gallons (ca. 6 liters) of beer within 3 to 30 days’ time. This proprietary brewing process means fresh beer based on all grain ingredients without any additives.

Your beverage is also never exposed to light or oxygen based on a one-vessel system to brew, ferment and tap, which allows it to retain its smooth and subtle taste. Exobrew sources ingredients from local stores and will introduce various beer styles and flavor combinations made by users, awarded breweries and restaurants.