Former Bartender whose Early Dogecoin Investment Made Him a Millionaire is Going ALL IN on a New Memecoin. He Swore it is the Best Move

Dogecoin has been the sauce of meme coins since its launch in 2013, when its developers decided to throw some humour into an already tense crypto market. The memecoin has gone on to prove its place as one of the big dogs (pun intended) among meme coins.

Dogecoin has enjoyed the meme spotlight for over a decade, and during this time, there have been occasional success stories from its investors. Take Barry, for instance, who became an overnight millionaire from early investments in DOGE. There are many other stories like that, and it’s no wonder DOGE has gathered a massive following.

Fast forward to now, and our millionaire former bartender is back in the news again. This time he’s going all in on a new meme coin, the Anarchy Project ($ANA), and he’s feeling very confident about his move.

Here’s all you need to know about the new project and, more importantly, why Barry the millionaire bartender swears it’s his best move in crypto investments.

Does Dogecoin have a new rival in the dog park? Let’s find out.

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Dogecoin and its big pull

As we stated, Dogecoin has been a constant presence at the top of the crypto hierarchy, with a whopping eight-billion-dollar market capitalization. For a token with humble beginnings and simple objectives, Dogecoin has certainly come a long way from being just a good laugh.

We can thank Elon Musk’s tweets on Dogecoin back in 2021 for the meme coin’s global popularity. The token started gaining momentum because of those tweets. Many millionaires were born, including Barry, the bartender who went in early on DOGE.

However, a year later, it’s been quiet on the DOGE homefront. But things are starting to move elsewhere, and our millionaire bartender is right on the case.

Enter $ANA.

The Anarchy project is here to give a new meaning to meme coins, and you can tell people are buying into that meaning with its large community. True, the meme industry has been stirring the crypto market since April, but no one is ever ready for anarchy!


Anarchy: Disruptor Special!

Meme coins have been in the game for the humour and lighthearted feelings they bring to the crypto space. ANA thrives on that and more.

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It’s a community-driven meme coin that uses that core meme culture of jokes and humour to call out the bad people in government. Anarchy’s creatives create funny satirical jokes that criticise institutions and federal agencies, and they have a good time while doing it!

It’s a community that intends to have as much fun and entertainment for its users as possible while fighting for a cause. This alone gives room for more investment, especially as the token launches on the Ethereum blockchain.

Anarchy is a meme coin with amazing potential to stay relevant for more than just a few years. In fact, our millionaire bartender is putting all his eggs into $ANA for much better returns than the top dog, Dogecoin.

Anarchy as a Coin: What to Expect

Anarchy is more than just laughter, my friend; it has a business side to it. The Anarchy Project is built on the Ethereum blockchain and structured in the form of a democratic model, where you and other members have a say in whatever decisions are made in the community. Yes, everybody has a voice here.

You can also rest assured against losses because ANA uses the Gnosis Safe protocol to secure the Treasury. The treasury contains taxes and donations, which will go to charities and whatever community projects members decide on.

Earlier, we mentioned how ANA would stay relevant for years to come. That wasn’t just talk. The Anarchy Project preserves its value by burning 0.5% of the transaction fee while reducing the number of tokens in circulation. This makes ANA tokens scarce, which in turn gives them more value.

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Anarchy Presale News

The Anarchy platform will never be lacking in fun and entertainment, that’s for sure. However, here’s something to make all that fun and entertainment worth it: you can make so much out of it before the main event even starts!

The presale price will start at $0.00021 and run through eight stages, eventually launching at $0.00045. Like Barry, you can easily double your income before Anarchy begins, and with a single investment at that.

Get your $ANA coins now and get 200% returns by launch time!

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