Instructional Technology Degree

Information technology is one of the most important tools for the education sector. Through the use of ICT, educators are able to reach more students, share their experiences and expertise with their peers, research to greater depths and achieve a lot more in all areas of their work. Information technology has also enabled students at all levels greater access to learning resources from local and international providers. In order to fully enjoy these and other excellent benefits that ICT has brought into the education sector, training is required so as to equip teachers, lecturers and trainers with the skills required to effectively provide instruction through the use of the various technological avenues currently available. Enrolling for an instructional technology degree program is the first step towards a successful career as an educator using ICT.

Instructional technology degree programs are available in many institutions around the world.

The programs are available with regular, module or online based learning options. The option you choose will depend on the kind of schedule you have and the finances you are able to commit towards your education. Regular classes require full time commitment and will cost more as compared to the other options. Online or distance learning is the cheapest and most flexible way to go through an instructional technology degree program. It however requires a very high level of discipline and commitment as the student is completely responsible for the successful completion of the course.

Undertaking an instructional technology degree course will enable the teacher, trainer or instructor with skills in a number of areas.

The courses offered mainly cover the use of technology, production of quality learning materials for use in technology based education and methods that can be applied in distance learning. Instructional technology degree students learn various things that include the best methods to apply when using ICT as an avenue for education, where and how to apply various technologies and the most effective tools, skills, evaluation and research processes that apply in distance learning. There are many other areas covered in the courses and complete information can be obtained from the institutions that offer the programs.

Enrolling for the course through the online learning option is an excellent way to prepare for working in the field of instructional technology. Going through a whole instructional technology degree program exposes one to the challenges that students experience while learning through distance learning. Understanding the challenges that students go through when undertaking online and distance learning programs helps in the improvement and development of instructional technology programs.

Upon successful completion in an instructional technology degree program there are opportunities for employment and business in various sectors. While most opportunities will naturally be in educational institutions, there are great opportunities in other sectors such as private companies that have employee training programs, health institutions and in the production of instructional materials for learning and training. As technology becomes a more important part of our lives, instructional technology degree programs are an excellent way to position one’s self for success.