Tablet PC VS. Traditional PC

Some people would say that although the Tablet PC look stunning but the operation is not convenient enough, typing speed is much slower than the traditional PC. But now most Tablet PC manufacturers have introduced a keyboard and other peripheral products, software and systems. If you think the screen size is too small to play games,you could even add a very large external display peripheral for expansion. Of course, many peripherals are expensive, but if this is a general demand, then there is no guarantee there will not be absorbed by manufacturers as a standard accessory. Some people will say if Tablet PC goes without Windows, that will hinder the use of common user habits. However, the success of Apple iOS, the popular of HP webOS, the fashion of Google Android, they represent an important direction, which is applied over habit.Application of the final demand user is the operating, and the operating system of applications is only for the user to reach.

So reasonable in experience design, application-rich enough cases, this can not become an obstacle to universal reason for Tablet PC.

Of course, there are many advantages of Tablet PC, portable is one of the most important point. some people will say taking the keyboard with the notebook in fact is not much different from traditional PC, but it looks like most of the notebook is difficult to separate the keyboard removed. Lifetime is a advantages of Tablet PC. compare to laptop computers which are usually only 2-3 hours of battery life guarantee, and most Tablet PC have more than six hours of battery life assurance, which has a huge advantage when travling. It seems Tablet PC will become an important part of the market. Whether tablet or traditional PC, we need the consumer to verify that at least three to five years for some time, this will be a continuous evolution process. Perhaps final ly tablet will not beat the traditional Tablet PC, but it is no doubt to occupy an important position in this market and that this will lead to a series of new opportunities.