Promoting Your Website

So you have your website up and running and now you need to drive some traffic to your website. Well there are plenty of ways to do it, none of which are ever guaranteed or will work all the time, like they claim though.
So how do you get lots of traffic?
You do every friggin thing you possibly can, as many times as you can and keep repeating the process.
No I’m not talking about spamming or anything like that because that will hurt your website in the long run, driving away people, due to them catching on to your spam and such.
What I’m saying is use various tips, use all of them, mix and match for the best ones for you and keep using them.
The more tips you use and the more ways you promote your website, the more likely you are to get sales or whatever the case may be.
So now for some tips that will get you on your way:
1. Get Links to your Website
This means you have to start posting the link to your website in as many places as you can conceivably find. Again don’t just go spamming, there are much better ways.
Firstly you can swap links with another one of your favorite sites, that way you can promote them, while they promote you. Now of course you can’t do this a ton because your website would begin looking like the yellow pages soon enough, but a few links here and there can only help.
Attach the link to any email’s you send out, just place it under your name at the end, that way people just think it’s always there and they won’t consider it spam, making them more likely to check it out.
Attach it to blogs, articles and whatever else you feel like writing. Then slap them up on the many free article/blog websites out there. Don’t give away all your information, just make some informative posts about your topic, peaking people’s interest and getting them to come to your site.
2. Write Blogs/Articles
This brings us into our second option, writing blogs and/or articles. You see how you can use two options at once?
You need to begin to put a face to your website, letting people know that you really do know something about what you’re selling or trying to promote.
So what better way to do this then to give people a taste of your website?
Go around to various article websites and blog websites and just start writing nice compact little articles and submitting them everywhere you can. Don’t worry if some get denied, all it takes is a few to get the ball rolling.
3. Affiliate Marketing
So if you are selling a product say an ebook or something of the like, why not get other people to help you sell it.
Wouldn’t it be easier to get other people to do the work for you?
Of course it would, so by signing up for an affiliate program like clickbank this can easily be done.
Now of course there is a downside, you have to offer anybody that wants to sell your product a percentage, the higher the percentage the more appealing, but then that also means you get less from sales.
But think of it this way, you are actually making sales. Other people are doing the hard work that sells you product. So essentially you are doing nothing. Meaning even if you give anyone selling your product a 50% commission, you are still making 50% yourself for them doing all the work.
So in essence it is worth it and these sites make it easy to sign up. Just follow the steps given and you’ll be signed up in no time.
Then all you need is for someone to find your product appealing and away they go. Marketing your product for you with ease and better yet, you don’t have to have any contact with them.
4. Write a Press Release
Just write up a little blurb about your website promoting it every which way you can and then going to a free website like and poof it is now able to be seen by thousands of internet users.
Or course you can pay to get your press release shown to a wider audience, but you don’t have to, you can just use the free option at first and then go from there.
But above all when using this option think like a journalist. Read the newspaper or any other basic news release and see how they do it.
What catches your eye? What makes the editor want to print this? What makes it news?
Look for these things and then incorporate them into your own press release. The more professional looking it is, the more people are going to want to see what all the fuss is about.
5. Pay Per Click Advertising
Now I saved this option for last because most people starting out have just bought the website, domain, etc. and aren’t looking to spend any more money.
But this is a good way to drive traffic to your website because Google and this like are used by millions or people every day.
So say you use Google Adwords, this form of advertising is deemed as pay per click.
What this means is the only time you get charged is when someone clicks on your ad. So your ad can show up a billion times, but if no one clicks on it, you don’t get charged.
But if someone does click on it, then you get charged whatever you set it to, say 10 cents and for that 10 cents they get taken to your website. So for 10 cents you just got a visitor to your website.
Depending on how much your product sells for you can get 100 or more people and as long as one of them buys, you should still be making money.
There are plenty of options with such services, so you have no fear of getting in the hole. You can place a certain amount in and when the amount is used up, your ad will cease to exist. So you will never get overdrawn and end up owing more then you can afford.
So overall look at the options that best suit you, decide which ones you want to use and exploit them every way you can, mixing, matching and even creating your own.
But you must get traffic to your website to be a success, building it, publishing it and maintaining it is only half the battle, the rest relies on you getting word out about it, so you can start making money or gaining exposure.